About Duende

Small batch sewing/selling

Hi, I’m Tiffany and I am the maker/creator behind Duende Collection. I have always had a love of fashion. This business is the outpouring of my creativity and passion to help others feel like their best selves.

Duende Collection (dü-ˈen-dā) strives to rise above and beyond. This is a small business run by a young woman who artistically expresses through creating lovely accessories for you and your home.

Duende is defined as 'the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm.' That is the goal for all of the handmade beauties in the shop.

What sets this shop apart is the fact that it is still a small and growing business, which allows me, the owner/designer/creator, to give lots of attention to detail concerning my items and customers. I put tremendous amounts of time and thought into my work so that my products will please and because of this, I have a great amount of returning customers.